GroupM – Marketing & Tech Event

In a world of rapid technological advancement and consumer changes, our role is to anticipate disruption, create opportunities and produce maximum value. NextM is a forum to inspire, ignite conversation and deliver exposure to new concepts and original thinking.


Since 2015, NextM has provided attendees with a forward-facing look at some of the key challenges in our industry. Challenges that must be faced in order to stay on top.

During the two day event we explore the emerging complexity and trends in media and marketing. You will hear keynotes from leading thought leaders from all over the world who share the latest insights on a range of disciplines from Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Manufacturing, Mixed Reality, Big Data, Data Security and Internet of Things. You will also hear from several of the most innovative technology providers and media and marketing companies in our industry and get first hand experiences with technology in the tech garden.

Highlights from NextM 2017:

NextM Videos 2017

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